Hello all, and thank you for reading and supporting On Truth and Love! I (Josh) have been astounded by how many opportunities we were blessed with in 2013 to teach, preach, and lead worship. I’m truly thankful for the way the Lord has positioned us to do what we do. I thought I would give you all a few updates of some of the ways that your church could partner with On Truth and Love in 2014.


In our world, there are a million voices shouting for our attention and many of them claim to speak to our spiritual needs, commitments, and struggles. The problem is that the majority of them conflict with one another. Very often we can lose the voice of spiritual truth in the roaring commotion of the lies we swallow because of the mundane daily grind, cultural influence, or good ole' fashioned apathy. Confusion about the most important things in life—our relationship to God, our responsibilities with our family, and the way our affections are oriented—is the inevitable consequence of filling our minds and hearts with something other than God's Word.

This is why I preach. It is not to say that I have some secret piece of information that you can’t find yourself by opening up the Bible. It is not to say that I’m the most skilled communicator you’ve ever heard. It is to say that I’m a man who is committed to becoming a conduit by which God’s Word is proclaimed-- faithfully, expositorily, and with an utter reliance on the Holy Spirit to bring fruit. I don’t believe we need another preacher with clever gimmicks, a trendy haircut, and no concept of what it means to really put together a sermon that faithfully represents the passage in a way that can be understood. We need preachers that are faithful to preach what the passage says with unction and urgency. We need preachers who are committed to meaningful study of the passage, a zealous prayer life, and a profound desire to see broken people find and worship Jesus, not themselves.

Are you a pastor or church leader needing help with a Sunday morning service, special event, or revival? It would be an honor to be a part of what the Lord is doing where you are. Please consider contacting me about partnering with your church for an event.

Theology/Apologetics Training

I’m convinced that the days of shallow, surface-level Christianity are over. No longer can we assume that those around us share the same basic presuppositions as we do. Knowing what we believe and why we believe matters. This is where training in theology and apologetics is needed. Contact me about setting up an event with training on a variety of topics including:

  • What is Apologetics and Why Is It Important?
  • What Evidence Do We Have for God’s Existence?
  • Is the New Testament Reliable?
  • Is Jesus the Only Way to Heaven?
  • Did the Resurrection Really Happen?
  • Can A Person Be Good Without God?
  • If God Exists, Why Is There So Much Suffering?

The Worship Collective

As some of you may know, I’m also involved with a group of musicians that travel to lead worship for churches, conferences, and other related events. If you have a college or youth event and need a speaker and praise band, contact me about booking “The Worship Collective” to lead worship and provide the message. We will work with you to put together a great event that is Gospel-centered.


I believe that prayer is the secret. Any ministry that I am involved with must be prayed over, especially when the Word is preached and the lost are engaged. I desperately need people who would be willing to specifically pray for me and for the Spirit to work in the lives of those who hear the Word preached. I am praying that 2014 will bring much spiritual fruit and I need your help! If you would, let me know that you are willing to be put on a list to receive emails with prayer points related to each event with which On Truth and Love is involved.



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