First of all, thank you for following On Truth and Love. This summer has been a landmark summer in our ministry in so many ways and I wanted to share some of what has been accomplished as well as what’s on the horizon. The goal this summer has been discipleship and in that regard, we’ve been so blessed to have opportunities to serve:

“The Dive” and Pulpit Supply

We partnered with Bermuda Baptist Church in Chester, Virginia to pilot a 13 week curriculum called “The Dive.” In light of the increasingly apparent need for churches to become more theologically and biblically literate, “The Dive” sought to take the church deeper in their walk with Christ through somewhat intensive theology and apologetics training. After a church-wide assessment, we focused on teaching areas in which the church needed the most growth. We also decided that it would be best to first teach through an area of theology and then to immediately follow up with a lesson in defending that biblical perspective. Every church service—Sunday morning, Sunday night, and the mid-week Bible study—was created around the topic for that week. Moreover, thanks to the Liberty University Ratio Christi Club, church members were exposed to a number of apologists well equipped to train others in their various areas of expertise. The summer followed this schedule:

Every church service—Sunday morning, Sunday night, and the mid-week Bible study—was created around the topic for that week.

Phase 1

  • Week 1: Theology Proper – The Nature and Attributes of God 
  • Week 2: Theology Proper – Trinity: Definition and Biblical Passages 
  • Week 3: Apologetics – Existence of God – The Moral Argument
  • Week 4: Apologetics – Existence of God – Cosmological Argument
  • Week 5: Apologetics -- The Problem of Evil

Phase 2

  • Week 6: Bibliology – Infallibility, Inspiration, Inerrancy
  • Week 7: Apologetics – The Reliability of the New Testament

Phase 3

  • Week 8: Christology – Deity, Humanity, Hypostatic Union
  • Week 9: Christology – Offices: Prophet, Priest, and King 
  • Week 10: Resurrection Apologetics – The Minimal Facts Argument

Phase 4

  • Week 11: Harmartiology – The Law of God, the Fall, and Consequences
  • Week 12: Soteriology – Grace, Justification, Sanctification, Regeneration, Repentance, Faith
  • Week 13: Apologetics – Relativism/Exclusivity of the Gospel

We’ve been excited by the response to this curriculum. We saw people from all sorts of backgrounds come out to the training sessions, hoping to have their questions answered and to discuss issues on a level that many churches wouldn’t dare approach. I’m excited that those who committed themselves to the program and took the time to apply the information have come out the other side with a new confidence in knowing and being able to defend their faith. We even saw the Lord bring someone to saving faith through the process! In the near future, there are plans to perform the same assessment to see if the church’s growth can be measured. Moreover, we now have an entire curriculum on theology and apologetics that can be used again!

We even saw the Lord bring someone to saving faith through the process!

Including “The Dive,” On Truth and Love had twenty-three speaking engagements over the summer. This was incredibly humbling, spiritually invigorating, and also a lot of work! Thankfully Whitney has been able to come and be a part of many of the speaking engagements, ministering through music. In the end, we are praising the Lord for the opportunities to faithfully explain God’s message to God’s people. Be on the lookout for audio from some of those events in the near future!

The New Website

As you can see, the new website has been launched. The graphics and design work is the brain child of our own Josh Tomlinson. Thank you Josh! Now, we are planning on releasing at least one article every week that relates to one of five categories: Apologetics, Culture and Life, Mission and Ministry, Scripture, and Understanding Theology. The goal with the site is to provide weekly resources for those who want to grow in their faith and who are serious about spending at least a few minutes a week being challenged in this regard. The articles will be released on Wednesdays and will be promoted through various social media. Please share them with your friends! Be on the lookout for more writers for the site and if you are interested in contributing, please email me (Josh Waltman) at


If you are interested, there are both scholarly and popular-level articles available from On Truth and Love that have recently been published outside of this site., which publishes articles that are aimed at teens, has a couple of options available here: . Also, you can view an academic article on an aspect of the Trinity that was published in the journal entitled “Eleutheria” here: . Be on the lookout for more soon!


We are currently looking to put together a prayer team that will pray for various events as the need arises. If you are interested, please let us know via email ( if you would like to be included. Also, we have some pretty nifty t-shirts available in the store (on the home page) if you would like to help support us financially. As always, financial contributions can be accepted through PayPal as well; please email us if you would consider supporting us by paying for travel expenses to and from speaking events.